About Us

bazarPe is creating India’s No 1 B2B Digital Ecosystem for shop owners/retailers which delivers their products line at their doorstep Pan India at competitive prices. bazarPe function as a 'one stop supplying hub' and help retailers benefit by getting first line price at any volume of purchase. We at bazarPe, keep single price for any volume, thus a retailer doesn’t need to buy extra volume just to take little discount. Large distributors get better pricing than small shop owner as a result of volume / Quantity of purchase power. bazarPe by disrupting the current inefficiencies of the supply chain eliminates the intermediaries which directly impacts product costs and increases business efficiencies for the retailers

In no time at all, bazarPe has gone from an offline demand-supply channel management to an online community of channel partners and suppliers, making it possible for the bulk sellers and buyers to collaborate. Through its cloud based technology and a diverse knowledge of trade, Bazarpe makes it easy to do business anywhere, anytime.

How bazarPe works

bazarPe helps manufacturers and suppliers to create online stores and connects them with a wide network of sellers across India who have a demand for their product/services. But bazarPe’s service doesn’t stop here, as it also takes care of the Infrastructure Logistics Inventory management Payment collection Marketing costs for both parties i.e. manufacturer/supplier and seller/entrepreneur. In taking care of all these processes, bazarPe facilitates trade opportunities for all sizes of businesses and assures them maximum bulk order for their products and services. Meanwhile, it offers great products and services at competitive prices to the buyers. In short, we take care of all the hard things and leave you free to do your business.

Why bazarPe

Our mission is to provide an effective solution to the business community by bringing them on a unified platform for maximum visibility and smoothen the buying process. Every partner of ours get customized assistance according to their needs.


At bazarPe, we take special care in catering to the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our numerous touch points across India ensure the best products and services which the customers can book, pay for and own at the best deal price. The daily deals on our website make sure that the customers never have to wait for limited ‘deal days’ to purchase the products but can buy them anytime at an exclusive price. We also provide an open channel for communication between the seller and customer to assist the customer efficiently. In order to make the buying quick and hasslefree for the customers, we also don’t ask for all the personal information and moreover, customers need not pay online but can pay when the product is at their doorstep..